Mon 17 October 2005 - 01:17

Stomach failure

Last week-end, Karim and I went to Amsterdam to visit and to run the marathon.

The city:
Amsterdam is quite ... special. It could be a kind of romantic city, with its lovely canals and small bridges everywhere. But it seems that nobody really cares about that and most the banks are not particularly attractive.
Beside that, of course there's Red Lights District, where our hostel was located. It's a quarter of rather explicit sex shops, a quarter of coffee shops that perfume all the streets with hemp, a quarter of restaurants, and surprisingly a quarter of typical British/Irish pubs. With Sky Sport, of course, no English would miss Chelsea vs Bolton because of a week-end trip to Amsterdam. Beside that, there are of course the prostitutes behind their windows and the drug dealers everywhere.

The race:
As the title suggests, the marathon attemp was awfull due to my dodgy stomach. The first 15km were painful, as if I had a big ball in my tummy. Then I threw up a couple of times and things got better for a short while, although I couldn't really drink or eat. I guess none of my breakfast neither the water I got at the food points stayed with me. Hypoglycemia and dehydratation started logically. Somehow I managed to run another 10km, eyes closed half of time, not really conscious any more, starting to walk more and more often. Then I sat down on the grass at km 27 and "Het Nederlandse Rode Kruis" picked me up... Dank u wel ! End of the story.
That's really sad, because everything was really nice. The organisation was very good: the pastas at the pasta party were excellent, the route was rather scenic (canals, windmills), and they even provided nipples protections :) The weather was good too and the people much more friendly than in other marathons. Anyway...
A funny bit was the return to the hostel with my tiny short. Everybody was stairing at my parts, without hiding themselves at all... I had also to take the train to the airport and to check-in like that before I could find a shower :)...

What is this stomach problem ?
So what causes this stomach problem I got in Belfast and Amsterdam ? Here are some info about the distances over a marathon I've run:
run distance breakfast
at "home"
pace stress over
Paris 2003 42.195 yes slow +++ +
Paris 2004 42.195 yes average ++ +
Belfast 2005 43.375... no a bit fast + +++
Lakes training 50 (trail) n/a slow - -
UTMB 2005 158 (trail) n/a slow +++ +
Amsterdam 2005 42.195 no a bit fast - -

My guess would be an unusual breakfast that my stomach doesn't appreciate, combined maybe with a fast start. Next time I take my cereals with me ! Any more idea ?

Note: although I got some minor stomach problems during the UTMB, it was something completely different, that disapeared quickly.

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